Those of us who have used Linux from the early days have witnessed the big showdowns between different distributions, the advent of true multitasking and I/O schedules and queueing, the hard work on many concepts along the way through to modern day tools such as systemd, heavy use of virtualisation and modern tools to facilitate large scale deployment.

Whether you need precise tools with low memory footprint such as an embedded NetBSD installation, traditional Linux server systems such as Debian or Oracle Linux, or want to run carefully packaged solutions such as Fedora immutable desktops, we can help with planning, deployment or urgent small changes.

Individual Linux servers

If you need to get started with new servers for your business or want to get your new IT project or app off the ground without having to worry about the servers, we can make it easier.

With internally developed Ansible scripts for many server types, we can quickly get you going on your own hardware or using virtual third party services such as Amazon AWS.

We are also resellers of virtual services and can help you get a cost effective, complex virtual data centre up and running surprisingly quickly.

Legacy Linux installation

Organisations with no more than a few dozen servers have administration challenges that are less commonly talked about in big news sources and forums.

If you are struggling for internal resources, tasks such as a Chef deployment may simply be unaffordable in terms on time, but you still need find ways to move away from tech debt and confidently know that your systems are kept up to date.

You maybe need a custom overhaul or know your precise need for new internal tools such as Ansible or improvements to your Nagios installation.

Large server farms

When you have hundreds or thousands of servers, priorities become different.

Many Linux consultants want you to believe that all big organisations have the same, big answers and everyone is moving in one direction, but the reality is rarely so simple.

Taking big steps towards goals such as Continuous Integration and containers without sending most of your IT budget to third parties is hard and we can help analyse your needs and develop a strategic approach for reducing your tech debt.

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